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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Xmas Treat ! New Vintage Lens Support

I've been working on this project  for a month or so dropping a few hint pix along the way. This is my new support for my 400mm lens. 

Its wood you might say ? well why not ? The top is mahogany while the 60mm rod slider is brazillian cherry inlaid with maple. All the hardware went vintage being hand made in brass. I though why not go steampunk retro vintage ! Really this was much more interesting then a hunk of aluminum.  Whats more, if you ever have to work in the cold, I"ll take handing wood over metal any day. Besides I think a fine vintage lens deserves an equally fitting accessory. It goes back to a time when cameras where made completely out of material like this.

What makes this unique is the lateral adjustment though. Until you have mounted a lens at 1 Ft (.3m) long you won't understand. Its pretty easy to have the camera body mounted slightly off and with a short normal length lens its not a big deal. With a big lens like this though a tiny bit off means remounting the camera body to get it perfectly straight. With a lateral adjustment though I just move the support over which is much faster and easier way of working.

Will I make one for you ? maybe. drop me an email.

steampunk retro lens support wood brass

brazillian cherry lens support

lens support for 400

lens support close up 60mm rod support

back of lens support

Images shot using OM 50 1.4 and when needed a 14mm Opteka Extension Tube