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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Can a $25 or $100 Lens Make A Nice Image ?

Yes ! I shot this with a Vivitar 24mm F2.0 lens that I got for $25. Looking on eBay I see its going for more like $250+. I got a bargain for once, and a really nice lens ! Its entirely possible you may come into this lens nearly as cheap.  Before you plunge big dollars into something with a C name on it, consider what else is out there. Many a vintage lens will still make a wonderful image.  This was shot in a little inlet on Lake Winnebago, WI. 

The next image was shot with a Vivitar / Tokina 400mm 5.6. Maybe not quite as sharp as I'd like, but I was hand holding it at 125th shutter or so and high ISO. Even still it held nice contrast on severe back lighting. Ok, truth be told I did pay around $100 for the 400mm, but even still a bargain compared to alternatives. 

The point is I got into dslr imaging because I was intrigued with making high quality video ( and some stills ) for cheap. I'm thrilled I DIDN'T spend thousands on gLamour gLass and found some great lenses that work just fine. Ok, Ok, yes, yes, that gLamour Luxury glass will do better, no doubt but I'm just not making images were clients will ever know, care or see the difference. Its nice not to be gear poor for a change ! Seriously, quit pixel peeping and make some great images.


vivitar 24 F2.0 lens sample test example

Vivitar 24 F2.0

tokina vivitar 400mm 5.6

Vivitar 400 5.6 Hand Held at about 250th, 5.6

Vivitar 35-105 3.5

vivitar tokina 35-105 3.5 lens sample test ice water image