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Thursday, January 19, 2012

KODAK Finally Files Chap 11

Please understand, Kodak gave us some great stuff for 132 years, well maybe about 110 years if you don't count the last 20. They denied and fought the digital revolution only to be eaten by it. So today they filed Chap 11.

Now Kodak does have some other divisions like a chemical company thats doing ok FWIW. However, whats more disturbing is that on order to raise funds, they are going out and doing the patent troll lawsuit thing against apple, samsung and probably some other companies. Nonsense about transfering images between devices. Please, thats obvious, and there is prior art. Bad patent again, but aren't most ? Its completely and totally pathetic that Kodak has stooped to patent trolling to make some cash. Instead of filing pointless lawsuits they'll probably loose, why not spend the cash marketing the good stuff they have like low ink cost printers that are supposed to be pretty good.