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Friday, January 27, 2012

Samyang Ready To Ship 24mm 1:1.4

 Samyang is getting ready to start shipping their 24mm 1:1.4 ED AS UMC lens in canon and nikon mounts.  MSRP of 599eu or about $784us... a bit of an ouch there ! but still way cheaper then the big name glass which doesn't have real mechical focus and iris rings

Having just bought their ( Rokinon version ) 35 1.4 this should be another great peice of glass. The problem is I have too many lenses in the 24-28mm range right now. I guess I need to do some ebaying :) !

I have some test video shot last nite to put up, and a review coming. That lens test I posted about a little while ago is also on the burner now that I have rounded out the collection to test. I'm mainly working on getting a model to shoot.

samgyang 24 1.4