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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New FCP X10.0.3 AND >> FCP 7 to X XML Translator

My long time friends Philip  Hodgetts & Gregory Clark have done what Phillip has said either wasn't doable, or would be just miserable to do : translate FCP 7 XML to FCP X XML. READ Phillip's announcement here for all the details. The best news is the app is available via the apple App Store for $9.99 so anyone can afford it. This is great news for anyone who wants to try to use FCP X where they still needed to work on old projects. The translation may not be perfect, but it seems pretty close. The converter app will even do some cool stuff like translate ( convert ) PICT files into TIFF's since FCP X no longer supports PICTS. Indeed some versions of OS X 10.7 will crash if you open a folder with PICTS in them and it goes to draw the icons. 

Great work guys !

FCP X  10.0.3 update link to apple

oh ya, FCP X has an update to 10.0.3 adding improved XML import ( NOT 7toX, thats a separate purchase AVAILABLE HERE ), multicam, and a beta of "broadcast output" meaning it talks to your 3rd party video I/O gear. Thats something that should of been in 1.0. So if you use X go get it.

This FCP X update includes



  • multicam editing that automatically syncs up to 64 angles of video and photos. Good bye Pural / Dual Eyes for FCP X users.


  • advanced chroma keying for handling complex adjustments right in the app.


  • includes a beta of broadcast monitoring that supports Thunderbolt devices as well as PCIe cards


MacPro's AKA Towers

This picture says a lot. It tells me towers from apple are dead. Yes we have all heard the rumors of this but this image says a lot. Its a Thunderbolt connected world of I/O boxes, storage and whatever else you need hung on ThunderBolt. Given that nVidia will be in the next generation of iMacs which may come as soon as spring with the new intel chips here is my prediction :

Apple Updates Towers ONE last time and limps them along for the next 2+ years. If there is no updated towers by summer, I think its a safe bet they are never going to be updated and current models will be sold until sales drops to nothing.

Really they are just too expensive right now. A big part of this is intel's pure gouging on XEON chips that apple is hung on using. I"m not saying those machines are fast, they are. However, they are also out of budget for most users, especially in the current economy where everyone is a lot more price conscience. 

A six or 8 core iMac as the Pro machine. In reality, this would not be a bad machine at all. The 27" monitor is great, I have one. Add on another display if you really need it, but most folks don't. TB attached storage and I/O box. That would cover a HUGE segment of the market's needs. 

Just as NLE's changed post in the 90's from tape to hard drives and computers, Apple is going to change this again. Its going to get smaller and simpler. Most users don't need towers to edit. They are using laptops and iMacs, machines with 2-4 cores in them and are happy. If you look, even apps like Resolve can run on a laptop or iMac fine. I don't mean with smoking levels of performance, but certainly good enough to get the job done. Thats what this is about : getting the job done. Maybe not the fastest way, but it'll work for most of the market.

For the upper mid end and high end of post however, we'll probably all switch to PC's running Premiere Pro , smoke or maybe Avid. Why ? because we need more from our machines. Dual GPU's like the Tesla C2075 with 492 GPU's and 6G of VRAM to handle CUDA just scream. Of course of you have not tried one, you have no idea what you're missing. However, you also have to have a need to use it. Deep long multi layer timelines with lots of layers and effects. Thats not MOST user's timelines. Sure they may have some section with a few stacked titles or something, but they aren't doing 30 minute projects with 7-12 layers the entire time. For thos few people who do, they'll probably move to PC. 

There is one possible out for apple here to support pro user's and not have to make towers themselves : Use something like a HP Z800 and license OS X to run on them. It wold be trivial for apple to do. Hackintosh's are out there in mass so getting OS X to run on a more generic PC wouldn't take much effort on their part. If anything, apple might add some stuff to actually limit OS X to running only on blessed PC configs like the Z800. This would kill the Hackintosh market and let apple support the pro market with a MUCH better tower then apple has ever built. A HP Z series machine has lots of drive space ( 6-8 slots ), RAM slots, dual XEON configs, SAS & SATA, dual 16X slots and PS big enough to handle it all. It would be too easy for apple to do really. We'll see !

Thankfully adobe apps are near identical inside, and media generally works just fine between the two. Opening a Mac Prem Pro Project on a PC is just a matter of opening it and relinking the media, then hit play.

Interesting times. By NAB I think the cards will be on the table.