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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Dear Pustishka123

Sorry to break your heart today but since you and some of your spammer friends where making a mess of things here, we had to change things. It had just gotten completely out of hand.

I had been wasting way too much time cleaning up your defacements of my site, so now you can't anymore. No more comments, at least not as they had been. Now you have to be a real person to comment.

Honestly, do you think ANYONE would every click on one of those links ?

At the end of the day, are you doing the world any good ?

Are you bringing happiness to anyone ?

Are you easing anyone's burdens ? or making them worse ?

Karma is a  bitch my friend, in this life you get what you give. I hope you consider finding a better way in life.

To My Visitors

I spent a lot of time cleaning all the spam off the site. A thankless task but done.If I some how removed one of your comments... sorry !

Going forwards you'll need to be logged into facbook to post comments. That is my best assurance you're a legit user. I know this might be an inconvenience to some but I had few choices given how bad things had gotten. Over the last couple of weeks it went from a couple of bad posts to a situation where I'd remove them, and a couple days later there were new ones. It simply got crazy and I needed the best _fast_ fix. The old comments will still display, but you can't add new ones that way. 

Perhaps the guilty party may decide to apologize, but some one I don't think that will happen.