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Sunday, February 26, 2012

This Week -

I've certainly been busy with Carey cranking out the In Production series on DaVinci Resolve. Yes it has been impacting my time for other posts. 

Next week, another installment of In Production will be released !

So here are some bits and peices from the week :


4K Chinese Camera From KineRAW. I'm not going to call this a knock off  because its not. Short version:  S35 sensor, 4K res, cinemadDNG format, $8K MSRP if and when.... they have a 2K Super 8 ( thats about 1/3" ) camera working right now, but not for sale. RED isn't happy for sure....Lets see if it ever ships and what the word is.

Rumors of a 5D MKIII : $3500 MSRP. Announcement in early March expected. Long overdue, lets see what they have. Canon has really put all their plans into the C300. Lets see if this one delivers. I won't waste your time on speculation, just wait and see what they finally produce. Above all else the real question is if they are finally going to fix moire and aliasing problems that have plagued their video capable DSLR's since day one. Of course you now have a company competing with themselves : $15k C300 vs $3.5K dslr. We'll see !