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Thursday, March 01, 2012

Weird News Of The Week : IRIDAS Sues Adobe

Huh you just said ? I bet you thought Adobe owned IRIDAS, right ? Here is a link to a report on the case which was just filed. It sounds not unlike the Apple / ProView lawsuit where one part of the company does one thing, the parent or subsidiary doing another. Reading it, my take is that the USA part of IRIDAS acted separately from the parent company in Germany. Perhaps through the long winded article the point is IUSA didn't send a check home to the German parent co. The USA IRIDAS employees are now working at Adobe. **MY SPECULATION** is that the IUSA employees took a generous compensation package at Adobe and felt happy with assimilation. Given you sue the player with the most money, guess who was target #1 ? and the parties that actually **MAY** of done something wrong or in poor judgement aren't. It'll be interesting to watch this one unfold and its a safe bet SpeedGrade being part of the next release of Creative Suite is on hold.