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Thursday, March 01, 2012

New Intuos5 Tablets From Wacom

I love my Wacom. I've been using them for 15 years. My current 6X11 is the best one they have ever made - perfect size and shape. Now they have the new Intuos5.

Lets see, usually they make better products but this time I'm not so sure. The big news is its touch sensitive now - swipe, squeeze, scroll with your fingers. Reviewers report it never confuses your fingers for the pen. I have had a Bamboo touch, but never liked it. It was never anywhere near as good as a real laptop track pad. I don't want the apple one because its bluetooth - batteries, RF, one more thing to go wrong, a pain to swap around between computers. Just give me a USB wire on it and I'll buy it !

So is there a down side ? The large  MSRP is $469. The physical scroll wheel is gone for a touch one. The OLED's are gone too. There is also no 6X11 or widescreen model. The Extra Large is a 8X12 4:3 aspect ratio, wait, wasn't that the OLD large model ? 

The Medium is MSRP $349 which is $50 less... but then they took some stuff out. Draw on this one.

They are still selling the real old Extra Large 12X18 Intuos4 model with OLED displays. Me, I think I'm gonna snap up a Intuos4 while they are still in stock !

Oh ya, looks like the 5D MkIII from Canon is real and being announced in the next few hours. Wake me up when they ship them!