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Monday, March 05, 2012

You May Have Metamerism Failure. Whats that ?

Huh you just said ? If you look at monitors all day and have concerns about color accuracy of the monitors then check this  out.  Now what about your eyes ? They can be fooled in surprising ways. This video produced by Flanders Scientific ( the folks that make high end color monitors ) have the explanations for questions like what your screens all look different. 


A new episode of In Production is coming up tues !


What about the Canon 5D MkIII ?

I think the near universal opinion has been "Thats nice but its a good year late.... and what about clean out HDMI ?" I'd say that pretty much sums it up.

Don't get me wrong, the 5D IS a great camera. The MkIII has lots of great new features to like and will make production with it better. Its just not quite the mark every one was expecting Canon to hit after the C300. As has been pointed out, Canon has by overpricing the C300 is now in competition with itself the wrong way. We know Canon could make dslr's with video quality completely on par with the C300, but will they ? The problem is, their  competitors have no such hang ups. In the words of the late Steve Jobs "If you aren't prepared to cannibalize yourself, your competition is." Well said. 

Also let me point out that the MkII is now cheaper. If you put that antialiasing filter into the camera, its probably just as good as the new one if not better with the exception of low light performance. If you need those extra 2 stops the new camera has, well go it. If it doesn't matter, then your old camera is still perfectly good.