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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ready For NAB ? The Hype Machine is on

Expect product announcement like crazy over the next few weeks as we are now less than one month out to NAB. Yes I've booked my trip, I'll be there. What I sometimes get numb to is the blinding amount of stuff that happens some years. Everyone has their favorite in cameras, glass, lights, and software. However, thats just the surface of NAB. There is audio, wireless, TV transmitters, cable set top boxes, encoders, isles of back end gear for cable co's, racks of hard drives..... and LOTS of blaring music and noise mixed with a few booth babes. Hey THATS NAB. However, just as the main vegas strip is huge and overwheling, there is also downtown vegas. Its small, its on a human scale, and you can even win their playing the slots.

I like the downtown approach to NAB. You pick whats interesting to you, find that out and just kind of ingore the rest. You scale NAB down. However, keeping your eyes open counts as often some really cool stuff does show up with out a lot of fanfare or 10 emails a day announcing it. I'm not sure what that ultra cool new item will be, or what killer new update to an existing product will take NAB by storm ... well actually I do but I can't say :) !