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Monday, April 09, 2012

Its a 4K NAB...6 Days and counting

More bits continue to surface surrounding this years push, 4K. Sony has already announced 1 camera so far just to get things going. Canon has their sunday event ( invites ????? ) and now bits are surfacing about Panasonic also being in on the game. 



Just great. Just when our computers / NLE's could easily handle a couple streams of 1080 like our old machines handled SD, just redo everything. Anyone who has worked with RED 4K knows what I mean. However with RED you are debayering / color managing / decoding the frames which is a lot more work than just decoding the frame and maybe doing a basic gamma conversion. Realistically, you need to decide if 4K makes sense for you.  If your material has future value, then 4K makes sense. If your material has a short lifetime value, 1080 or even 720 will be just fine. I won't even get into a web streaming thing I'm dealing with right now where I have to break it to them that SD composite video just isn't good enough....

So I'll be out there in Vegas saturday. If your there, give me a shout. I will also be shooting monday testing this rig I talked about before & you see above. I think its gonna work pretty well and give a dslr camera back the mass and handling they have lacked. I'm also liking its NOT made of all sorts of odd bits clamped together that take forever to assemble or you have to just leave built all the time. Well NAB will tell ! Back to the past to a time when it just worked.