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Friday, April 20, 2012

NAB 2012 : 4K and Friends : UPDATED

Another NAB as come and gone. I made it home today. Internet access in Vegas was the worst its ever been this year. If I didn't have a tether app for my phone I'd of had almost no net access.

So fair enough, all the other blog sites are going crazy about the new gear... GREAT ! What about the people ? In the shot above, over a few cocktails Dan Spiess of Florida chats with Steve Griffiths of Austrailia. I've known both of these guys forever. Its only at NAB that we get to share a few minutes or hours together. Thats what its about.

The gear is cool, its the people that count. Its what meaningful things you do with that gear which counts. Then there is the cool stuff you DON"T get to see on the show floor. Sometimes they are in suites for invitees only, sometimes you just have to look hard. Here I am with one of those SUPER COOL THINGS you did not see on the floor, its a prototype. That's as much as I'm giving up for now.


Over the next week or two I'll share with you some of my cool findings while wandering around in vegas under the bright lights. Yes 4K is last year's 3D in terms of what was big news. The difference is I expect 4K to take hold over the next couple of years while 3D remains a small niche and a bit of a gimmick in the market place. I'm not saying I don't like 3D, I do for a few things but its not suitable for all things. Right Tool For The Job™ ! ok ?


All shots taken NOT with some expensive lens and camera, but a cheap simple GoPro HD ( original ). A great little stills camera that travels light.