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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Prem Pro vs Media Composer vs FCP X

If booth attendance says anything this is what I saw :

Apple and FCP X ? nada. ok, some vendors were showing FCP X with their product, but at least as many still had FCP 7 running... for now.

Avid : about 1/3 the seating space of Adobe. When I went by it was usually 1/2 empty. 

Adobe : Packed ! Even on thursday at 1PM is was still very full. In fact at some point during the show NAB officials asked adobe to do some crowd control because they thought too many people where grouped up there and it was a fire hazard.

Autodesk Smoke : Small seating area but generally about 75% full plus folks standing and watching. They have their niche and it still has interest. A while ago they cut Flame to $125K from $250K. I didn't hear if they cut it at NAB this year. The big news is that Smoke 2013 has a new revamped UI that looks something like Premiere Pro + FCP X + smoke. Use the Beta until the product is released, and they cut the price to $3495 ! Crazy. However it may be the only way they stay alive in the marketplace.