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Monday, April 23, 2012

Apple to Kill 17 Inch Laptops ?

According to this rumor Apple may be planning to drop the 17" model from the product line. The quick info is that while apple makes millions of 13" and 15"  models, the 17" models may of only sold 50K units if the article is accurate. I could certainly see why apple could and would drop the product except its yet another blow off of pro users. Lets face it, its mainly power users who are getting 17" machines. I'm one of them. In fact if they made a 19" model I'd buy it. Yes I travel and no I don't find the size to be a problem at all. I need that screen space !  


Now they are potentially dropping 17" machines ? 

Seems like apple is simply forcing me off the platform, I'm very sorry to say because they are drying up the hardware I depend on. Of course lots of rumors of the demise of the tower also doesn't help my mindset either. I'd like to keep Mac as my primary system, but I don't think thats going to happen.

Add on the fact I've been working on a super fast loaded Z800 and its hard. I'll be honest, while Win 7 is a big step forwards for MS, its still in many respects still XP with a nice paint job. It has some serious problems with QT + codecs, networking and of course security concerns. The reality is that over the next 1-2 years I'm probably going to be forced into using PC's simply because I can't get the big hardware ( screens, CPU's, GPU's ) to get the work done. Time will tell.