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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

CS 6.0.1 Updates !

The bits aren't even dry on the hard drive yet and a bunch of CS 6.0.1 updates are live via automatic updates. Of interest is AME 6.0.1 which adds "Smart Exporting". Whats that ? thats when AME just copies the original media file data from source into your export file without a decompression / compression pass. Saves a compression generation, makes the process much faster. However, let me also be clear that ANYTIME you do anything with the image - scale it, position it, add a color corrector or other filter, ect any NLE has to decompress that frame into full raster RGB, do the processing, then recompress. There is no getting around that. However, if you are doing what amounts to basically cuts only, or at least no effects except some dissolves this should make exporting go much faster. Can't wait to see what comes along next.