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Saturday, June 09, 2012

Canon Makes Some Moves, Do We Care ?

Word is there is V2.0 firmware for the 7D. Thats nice. What does it mean ? well it probably means there is no 7D replacement on the horizon. This is the Mk II update. Nice improvements mainly for stills, manual audio levels for video ( uh, YAAA ! ). 

Then there is the t4i. Again its nice. Thats it. No word on any improvements in : 1 video moire and aliasing, 2 Native ISO's vs the tXi's 100/200/400 ect series that are noticeably more noisy than the native ones. So it does autofocus in video mode... um, I don't care thats not something I'll use very much if ever. Facial tracking with AF. Ok, cool, but I won't use it. 2 new lenses, one a slow useless zoom, the other a pancake style 40mm 2.8 for video AF. if you look at pix of the 40mm its just too small. You can't fit a gear onto it, and its a pokey slow 2.8. Common.. at least F2.0 ! I guess  you'll only AF with this lens... right. I'd like to love this lens, and this camera, but its pretty under whelming for the moment. If video quality is good, thats another story.

So we are really missing the news that counts, that matters to the huge number of people who would consider upgrading. Until either Canon says something, or we see some video from the t4i, sit and wait.

Canon, please give us something exciting that we can afford, or at least isn't grossly overpriced for what it does.