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Friday, June 29, 2012

Jay Holden : ISO, EI, ASA and You: Understanding and Interpreting ISO Ratings

Jay is one of those writer's I really respect because he's always (99%) right on techincal subjects he writes about. Thats the kind of writing I like. So here is one on ISO, EI and ASA. Don't dismiss this as a 101 level article. While it starts that way, it does get into some good stuff on how to evaluate your own camera. Worth checking out .

The Full article is here


Coming Up

I've mentioned a couple of product reviews. They are all close to being done. The problem ? I keep jumping back and forth between them and never seem to get ONE of them done. Its not just writing, taking product pix but also putting together supporting material like a video samples I shot in Hawaii last week with this lens. I was also expecting to get a lens to add to my vintage lens shoot out, but it never happened. This of course had me put it on hold waiting... so its just been a series of events like that.  However, that said I am committing to finishing one review for release next week including all its sample material. Its *that* close to being done ! Have a great weekend everyone, and a safe fun Canada Day and 4th of July next week !