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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Back To Work

60D + Vivitar / Tokina 400 5.6 at EAA AirVenture 2012

I spent a week working hard and all sorts of stuff happens. Canon releases a mirrorless camera that could of and should of put them back in the game. Instead what they release is a stripped down t4i with a new lens mount. I mean please, this is lame. This was Canon's chance to tease us with a new sensor with no aliasing and moire problems that was actually SHARP in video mode... unlike the 5D m3. Speaking of which, I spent several days working with a 5D m3. We fed audio directly into it and it was ok. Note I didn't say great, but ok and it got the job done for what we where doing. At least you could monitor sound at the camera. This worked fine for needing to work fast and light for days on end.


I do have some things I'm working on which in part revolves around waiting for Santa UPS to bring me a box of new toys to do reviews on smiley !

So since I did take a day off, I'll leave you with this tasty video I first saw on NoFilmSchool . Sure its shot on some large sensor camera but - its got lots of cool graphics in its augmented reality views, some decent writing with a clear concept and a clear ending that commits, and ok acting. All the elements you need to have something watchable.... and in this youtube world its down right very well done.