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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

DaVinci Resolve V9 Beta Released - First Look

davinci resolve 9 black magic design


Black Magic Design release version 9 of Davinci Resolve today. New UI, lots of new features including what looks like extensive AAF support for Avid users. Its available here.

Just scanning the new manual its much improved. Its more tutorial like and less formal which makes it MUCH more useful. A big personal thanks to the person(s) who spend a lot of time updating it. Its got lots of practical comments on the hows and whys of what things do. Its got lots of color, lots of examples... and I see in one screen shot showing how to log in, Mr. VanHurkman's name and picture shows up. Looks a hint who helped in redoing the docs. 

I'm off to install it and take it for a test drive !


After installing the beta I looked into my apps folder... oh no... all I see is ONE copy of the app. I should of renamed it Resolve 822 or something. The installer removes 8.x and installs 9. When you start the app up, it has to update the database. Thats a one way trip it seems. So word to  the wise : only install the beta on a system that is not mission critical until you are satisfied it works.

Ok, I'm in.

The UI has really been worked on. Nice splashes of color, a new open project window, scrubbable icons with a CTI, pop out info window, 8 tracks of audio playback for clips with audio meters,  a more sensible media pool is more like bins in your NLE, ability to set where thumbnails are cached, additional video transitions have been added, if you adjust the width of a window column in list view, change panels and go back its still the same width ! lots of tasty UI improves that make you say GREAT ! for example in the main color panel the various old tabs are now accessed via a row of buttons. this saves a set in that you don't have to go to the main tab, then sub tab. you just go to what you want. In the window tab / panel / whatever you want to call it there is now a large preview of the matte being generated taking some of the guess work out of what is going on.

This is a great update so far. Old projects opened up ok, Can't wait to play with it tomorrow !