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Monday, August 06, 2012

BMD Camera Shots and Something From Olympus

First up, some shots from the BMD camera that should be here any day. Looks good even if the dark areas are a little bit noisy. Highlight handling seems good. Not sure what the grading was but it looks a little less saturated than perhaps I might like. Its certainly SHARP ! I was looking at some 5D mk3 material today and it just looks like mush in comparison but of course the BMD camera has a lot more DoF than the 5D. I guess part of the 5D problem is shooting with its detail level on 0 and then sharpening a bit in post. If you have CUDA, its not a big deal but if you don't its an extra pain point. If anything the camera on the wide shots has a bit of a video look in being too sharp. I guess you can kick up the gain or add some post processing to tame it down a little if you need to. Either way its nice to have a sharp image to work with for once. If anything it reminds of in some respects of S16 in terms of DoF. Can't wait to try it out.

Meanwhile some video shot on the new Olympus OM-D has popped up. Camera looks much like canon's except they graded this with too much saturation. The shots seemed free of moire and aliasing although vimeo's compression didn't do it any favors. Good to see some new camera footage.