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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Will The Sony A99 Be The Full Frame dslr Canon Killer ?

Photokina, the NAB of photography is next month. Sony's to be released A99 is rumored to be a full real video camera that shoots stills too. Its supposed not of been intentionally restricted like the Canon's because Sony isn't afraid. People buying F65's are an entirely different market with different needs and of course big budgets. 

Sony could potentally own the video dslr market if they don't hold back and give us a SHARP full frame camera. Me, I still like APS-C / S35 size but I'd certainly consider a full frame camera in the mix too. Of course I also have 3 GoPro's including one of the HD2 models. So its whatever gets the job done. I think if anything Sony should put a EF Mount onto the camera and let things go from there ! Thankfully I only have 2 lenses with electronic irises that I really care about EF mount. Many of my other lens are either full manual EF or vintage glass with OM mounted adapted to EF... or whatever else I may need to put them on. So it turns out getting good glass will prove to be the smart long term investment if they have the right mount on them. Camera bodies it seems are becoming disposable almost.