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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

So What Are You Doing Tomorrow ?

The famous question that makes every freelancer happy. This time it was off to Janesville WI to spend a few days doing news coverage on Paul Ryan - his background, home town, and who is he type coverage. We never caught up with him directly, but did meet his brother, friends and people about town. As part of the coverage they decided to a live show. The high school Ryan attended offered their gym. So the race was on. Starting in the late afternoon we built what amounted to a studio with 3 cameras, prompter, return feeds and lots of lighting. 

This was one of those times when pretty much everything came out and got used : all my stands, 8X8 silk, 575 hmi ( that works all the time ). Another guy pulled out 2 400w and 2 200w HMI's, my 1K, some one else's 150w inkies. A pair of 1X1 light panels did some underlighting. The amazing thing is that we really lit the entire place up with under 4kw of light all pulled from wall outlets. It was great to be using so little power for such a large space. 


The live show went up and ran perfectly thanks to the team effort and all the toys we had to use. Of course this was the end of my day as we had actually started shooting interview content for the show at 8am. The broadcast was at 9PM and we wrapped out at 11:30. Long day !