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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

KineRaw Announces Firm Prices & PreOrder

This interesting camera is slowly making it towards release. KineRaw announced a price of $6000 for the stripped down base model. No SDI, but the next model up does have it. I"d expect a very shootable setup to be $7k or maybe $8k. RED just made that sound in their pants hearing this **IF** this camera proves to be well made, stable, reliable. You can make a camera that works well at temps and conditions people find comfortable, its another to make a camera that works under conditions people find miserable or worse. Well we'll see what they deilver. I guess at this point its not a matter of if they deilver but when... and what RED will do in response.

Of course Sony has been making some moves as of late with their new APS-C sensor shoulder cam for $4500 too. It wouldn't take too much for Sony to add RAW 12bit on for a few dollars more in a next model up scenerio. In fact I'd be suprised if they simply weren't sitting on it waiting to see how the market shakes up. As for Panasonic... AF100 is pretty dated M4/3 and surely they must have something in the works... or not. Of far more interest is if Sony will build a sub $10k camera that competes with their F65. In the end I'm sure that the F65 will always have another stop or two of dynamic range than the "consumer" level sub $10K area. However, the differences between the two will remain small. If money is no object, get the best, for the rest of us, we'll be working through all the fine points of these cheaper cameras.