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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Apple Releases 10.8.1 : UPDATED

Apple released the rather small 24mb 10.8.1 update. A direct download link and info is available here. For whatever reason its not showing up under normal software updates right now. The cause is probably Apple needing to update the servers that software update talks to.

10 minutes are I posted it, the update is showing up... then I installed it


10.8.1 is supposed to fix problems with long share names in SMB .. ok cool

so now none of my SMB shares show up... only macs with AFP

linux NAS with SMB and AFP ? nope

Win 7 PC's ? nope

I can manually get to the machines via IP but network discovery seems busted


After an hour or so, the SMB shares on the network showed up. Grrrr!