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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Canon Surprise - C100 for $8k

canon C100

An interesting suprise today : The C100. A somewhat stripped down version of the C300. The body is a bit smaller, most of the C300 features are there. They even left the internal ND filters in, but here comes the but - they changed the internal codec to AVCHD 24mbit. Whats not known is if the HDMI out is clean and you can record to an external box in ProRes. While this is a good move by Canon to have a lower priced body, its still over priced. No RAW, EF mount only ( no PL ). However it does have LOG which is good, and is supposed to have improved highlight handling. Bottom line is I'm sure its makes very nice pix, but if you look at the FS100 and FS700 both for less, even with EF adapters this is a bit short for the price. I think they should of priced this at about $5K to be competitive. Canon can of course always do so somewhere along the line, but they are protecting the C300, at least for now. You'll remember that Sony with the F3 had LOG recording as a $2K initial option, then they dropped the price, then they included it on all new cameras for free as I had predicted to keep the camera more competitive. Interesting times !