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Friday, August 31, 2012

Sometimes You Work For Yourself

We all have projects we DREAD taking on. Usually because they will mean doing things we don't like doing, that cause us pain and aggravation. Such was the case of redoing the website for my own production company. While it looked cool, oh, say 6 or 7 years ago when I redid it from its original look, I was not wanting to do this. It was a big site, a lot of pages, a lot of content. After at least 2 years of procrastination I finally did it ! In fact it came together faster than I expected. The idea came to me easily enough, and I fixed the sins I'd made on the last version of the site. Ok, when I built the last version is was pretty much state of the web art, but now, uh, errrr, no comment !

The new site is actually simpler, but keeps most of the content. The far better part is that this new site is easy to change. The pages all share common files that mean change it once, its changed site wide. This is well beyond just a master CSS file. Components of the pages like the menu's are files. Getting older means hopefully getting smarter.

On my old site I had a flash slide show. It worked, it was ok but I couldn't change it. I'd lost the flash project file a while ago and that was that. The slide shows I have now are nice clean HTML5 magic. They are VERY easy to change and update as I get new material, or get tired of some bits.

I also got really Zen with CSS this time around. This has made maintainability and changeability much better. There are NO tables in this site. Tables, love them or hate them where a fact of life for a long time. This time around I decided to not use them. While there was a little learning involved, it also meant pages that won't come apart no matter what. It also means when I'm ready to do a mobile version things should be vastly simpler since its mostly CSS tweaking. Well thats the theory anyway ! Have a great weekend off !

Oh ya, I know THIS site is my next redo.... it never ends, does it ?