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Monday, October 01, 2012

Goodbye Film ? One BIG Step Closer !



Fuji Film has announced that they will cease production of motion picture film around the time frame of March 2013. I'm not surprised at this. In fact I can say this is pretty much inline with what I had expected with one difference, I had expected Kodak to go first while Fuji ran for a while with what was left of the market. Of course while production used to consume as much film in a year as all consumer use did, release prints have been where they were still selling product the last several years. With theaters switching over to digital projection rather quickly this has probably been the larger factor in the end of production - the decline of the need for release prints.

This may give Kodak a last minute round of cash for another year or so as they struggle with bankruptcy and attempts at patent trolling to make cash. Really on some level I'm sad. I've shot 16 and 35mm and it was always a different level of production when you did. Now, well, its different. When pushing the button meant $75/minute ( film / process / transfer ) was going by people tended to get their acts together at all levels. The video spray and pray shooting mentality now has worked its way up. Cards are cheap, drives are cheap... but not people's time to wade thru hours and hours of junk for the good takes. In fact thats what I'm doing this week - making my way thru 9 hrs of material for 6 two minute pieces.  Maybe we should  bring film back just to get producers to get things together... or we need to start charging a per minute rolling fee to handle all this - storage, copying, backing up to media #2 and #3, ect. The back end of digital media shouldn't be free when its costing you time and real money for all those drives. Food to think about as we watch film in its final hours.