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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sony Gets 4K Serious

If you want the specs, see Sony's Site HERE. It would be silly for me to repost the same info. So that said, F5 = 4K 16bit RAW ( with extra cost external recorder )  OR 10bit 4:4:4 HDcam SR 4K = $18K MSRP estimated. What else so you need to know ? When does it ship smiley ? Feb 2013.  F55 with global shutter and 240FPS vs F5 120fps = $25k estimate

What I like : its like a mash up of all the good parts of a RED + Alexa + F65 in a much smaller lighter body. RED I'm sure will cut the price of scarlet to match, they have to !  The side panel looks walk up to it simple to operate. Not endless key settings buried in menu's. The ergonomics look really good for a box camera and clearly Sony considered that you would want to handhold this with the design of a real shoulder pad with integrated rod mounts.  

The PL mount which can be changed for other mounts is great. This camera has yet another new lens mount : the Sony FZ with 18mm flange back. That should make adapters for just about any lens easy to do.

A new set of primes... econo priced ? we'll see... this is Sony ! Econo price would be about $1k per lens...

Its nice to see a setup thats this well thought out and isn't a Frankenrig like a lot of dslr's are set up. The side panel is great.

All that said, what I don't like is the price. I think its overpriced even with a street price of about $15K for the body. Sorry, its a new world out there. Pay off time is too long once you add options like batteries, VF ( which should be spectacular ), ect. If you work in some markets, this camera would pay for itself in under a year, but I don't measure pay off time that slow. Days, thats my threshold. How many days does it take to  pay off. Too many and you probably shouldn't be buying this. 

Now this is a camera you could settle into using for several years rather easily...but I'm a hard ass on the financial side these days. This camera doesn't make sense for me... but it may for some in some markets. Certainly an easy  rental item. 

Again I get to lament that what fired off the dslr and indeed large sensor revolution a couple years ago is now devolving into the old business model of overpiced gear. There has not been a APS-C / S35 camera priced right without image problems. The 60D is way over due for replacement now, and none of Canon's competitors have stepped up with a camera I'd part with cash to own. So I wait along with a lot of other people. Oh, now really glad I didn't get a F3 which I expect will see a big price cut now, or simply be killed off. They'll probably drop it to about $10K... we'll see.

UPDATED : Nothing solid yet on pricing, especially since RED has done the 50% price reduction. Interesting times.