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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Election Coverage : Working For A Living

Doing another live shot of election coverage today. Started at 6am, finished around 11:30pm. Doing it again tomorrow, but probably later. No complaints. The producer is treating us great, every one is working well together. Getting shots to air. Ok, its cold and damp out, and the wind is blowing and it rained on the gear today. Plastic bags are your friend. Somewhere in the middle of all this are politicians we cover showing up for 10 minutes to be in front of our lights and lenses. In between you wait a lot, move gear for shots that don't happen and pay attention to whats going on to figure out your next shot.

Photo : Chris Hibben who was the shooter was kind enough to share the pic above. That's Chris on camera below... freezing parts off just like me. Thankfully the truck was warm and we where outside for only short bits. In case you are curious, those are my LED lights working underneath  a 10X10 folding canopy to keep us dry.


Below : Coverage of Paul Ryan's Rally in Milwaukee