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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sony Quietly Releases 10.8 ML Compatible XDcam Browser & Drivers

For several flavors of Sony media, XDcam and NXcam you've been stuck to use those formats with 10.8 Mountain Lion. Finally Sony has an update HERE. 

Whats included ? Quote from the Sony Site 




XDCAM Browser’ has been renamed ‘Content Browser’ as it will consolidate XDCAM, NXCAM and the forthcoming RAW formats on the new F5/F55. It looks just like XDCAM Browser and more or less works the same way. It also has Mountain Lion support. It’s not on the XDCAM download site yet but it is on the SCS site. Please log on to link for XDCAM Browser with ML support.


FTP Connection to XDCAM Station (XDS v2.0)
Remote control improvement on XDCAM Station (XDS v2.0)
Archive Clip / ClipList to ODS-D55U through Content Manager application
ClipList export to AAF file* *Advanced Pack (optional) is required

This single app also replaces all these separate apps

XDCAM Browser
Content Management Utility
XDCAM Transfer (for Apple FCP)
XDCAM EX Clip Browser
PDZ-1 (XDCAM Proxy Browsing Software)
PDZ-VX10 (XDCAM Viewer)