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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

This Week : More Security




The service outage on this site wasn't due to hackers, thankfully. It was due to a sys op that hosts the dedicated server this site sits on doing a hugely boneheaded move in pretty much trashing IIS settings for all the sites. That sucks, but it was overcome... and yes they are getting bill for fixing their mistake ! That said, you can never be too safe. Here is an example a bit more into the real world of production - a camera crew actually having their gear stolen ON AIR !  Worth a quick look.

Having been personally ripped off of camera gear 3 times while I lived and worked in NYC, I have to say you almost get used to it. Its not so much loosing the big stuff, but all the little bits that make your gear work. All the dopey adapters and cables, especially the custom ones that have a huge time cost to get replaced... assuming you had insurance, and that they paid off, and that it wasn't a huge fight to get that pay off.  Be safe, think twice, its only a shot, not your life.

That also means working sane hours too. Don't get fooled into working 18hr days and not getting 10 hrs of turn around - 8hrs of solid sleep ! While I sometimes do jobs where I might get 5 or 6 hrs of sleep, its only for a 2 or 3 day gig where I have the reserve to make it through. When it comes to longer term gigs, get your rest and don't take less. Its not worth it in the end between simply driving off the road... or winding up in divorce court.  I've done both and niether are good.