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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

6D PreProduction Video Sample

So... some 6D shots have shown up. This is from a pre production camera and the result is... well.. thats nice but no cigar. Given this is still pre-production unit its loaded with aliasing, especially on the wide shots. While looking sharper ( image was sharpened 30% in post ) than previous canon cameras, its still a bit lack luster. Really canon is trying to get people to buy their C100/300's. Dynamic range looks average - ok but could be better ! So notice to canon, we're not stupid ! We're voting with our money and this is not a winner we're voting for. Fix the moire and alaising if you want to sell your product, period, end of story. Lets see if production models are any better because what this camera is currently doing isn't really acceptable in 2012 anymore. I was hoping for better !