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Friday, November 30, 2012

DIG Sony Demo Film Shot on F55


Well Canon has been nothing but lame in their products, at least for price. Sony OTH has been making some great cameras, but again wildly overpriced. However, if you are going to part with a crazy sum of cash ( this year ! ) at least Sony delivers the goods. Here is a stunning 4K short... and I hope you all get the joke thats in here as well. Bottom line is it looks great, film RIP, there are no excuses left for not making a film... except for bad scripts, bad actors, bad editing and bad sound. My 2 cents for the end of this week. I just spent the last several days doing sound on A&E Biogrpahy shoot. No production pix because I think the subject was too serious. Wait until late Jan or Feb for the show to air. Have a great weekend !