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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

6D vs 5Dmk2 vs 5Dmk3 Moire and Aliasing Test From Mitch@Planet5D

First I want to say THANK YOU to Mitch for doing a nice simple shoot out and that got solid results. You can see for yourself, but the news is this : the 6D moire's and aliases about the same as the 5Dmk2. Sometimes its a little worse but with a slightly sharper picture and sometimes its better. The Mk3 does better,  but not by huge amounts. 

Again Canon thinks we're a bunch of dumb schmucks who'll pay anything for one of their video capable large sensor cameras that makes video images with out problems. HELLO ! we are not stupid. 

Here is my bet. Come Jan or Feb there will be a 70D based on all the clearance sales going on with the 60D. the 70D will basically be slightly better video but basically not acceptable when compared to the competition. I'd love to buy another canon camera... if it was right. The GH3 is interesting, but I don't think its quite got the dynamic range. However for the price, its shipping now, it does look very good it may be my next purchase. The BMD camera looks great... but that sensor is smaller than I'd like and many people would like. I may have one here to play with in the future.

Meanwhile I'm getting a lot of work at the moment which is great, but of course I'm making very little progress on editing those video reviews I shot a week or so ago and I have a couple new tasty lenses I want to share with every one. More news tomorrow about the doc I worked on Return To Pearl.