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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

iRam - Replace my bad ram ! UPDATE 3

If you have a Mac you probably have iRam modules inside. Again I had a module fail. The dead 1G ones are on the shelf. You can see where the heatsink compound oozed out leading to chip failure.... under spec product. Now I have a dead 2gb module. I pulled the pair. I've sent a couple web form contacts to iRam, No response. I've called them, the operator doesn't answer and voice mail is full. Am I surprised at this ? In this day and age yes. Bad customer non-service isn't acceptable if you want to keep the lights on. I'm doing one last attempt at contact with NewEgg where I bought the modules if they will either replace them, or get me in contact with iRam to have it taken care of. Sure, lifetime warranty... good luck ever trying to use it ! right now iRam is in the internet hall of shame. Anyone else have a good or bad experience with them ?

UPDATE 1 : Newegg gave me an email to try + 800 number. I'll give them a day or two to try to respond... then call but I think either way they are going to not respond. 

UPDATE 2 : Two days after email, no response.

UPDATE 3 : Another week or so... no response. Newegg has also failed to respond to a follow up email.