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Friday, December 21, 2012

H.265 for Xmas Anyone ?

Before I finish for a long holiday weekend I wanted to share a little present with everyone. Its a sample of the new h.265 encoding that coming soon to a device near you. Watch the youtube sample in 1080 and even with YT's h.264 playback the differences are clear. This codec improvement is what we need if 4K is going to become the norm for production and at least limited consumer delivery. H.265 is based off of h.264 so many h.264 capable devices like the iPad can handle it. This translates into better 1080 in fewer bits than h.264 currently does, or better image quality at the same  bit rate. Good news for net delivery of video from services like Netflix and Hulu

Have a great weekend whether or not you may be celebrating xmas. If not, how about just taking a nice break for the winter solstice and enjoying the company of people you like and care about.