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Saturday, December 29, 2012

100 Year Old Ultra Vintage Lens

Ok, so it only took me 2 years to get done ! Here is shooting on a really old Kodak lens for yet another unique look. This setup seems have a more muted color palette  which is cool. The lens also vignettes a LOT smiley. Very much a period look. What surprised me a bit was that the DoF wasn't as shallow as I was expecting. The lens starts at F4 and goes down to F128 ! That's something you don't see on modern glass. In fact focus was less critical than I expected.  I think the focal length is around 75 or 80mm which is a modest wide angle for what amounts to a 6cmX9cm or so negative. The lens itself appears to be a very simple 3 or 4 element design uncoated. 

Some extra details - I'm shooting the back of the camera on a ground glass I got on ebay. I had to cut it to fit the image area. I mounted the ground glass using velcro. This makes it easy to remove to clean the other side if I need to. What I will say is that shooting off the ground glass you are loosing some resolution. Some other tests I did with paper seemed to produce a sharper image. Maybe I need a thinner ground glass but the one I got was fairly cheap and got the job done. I did add noise to the images to break up the ground glass pattern. 

Last, to mount the camera I made a simple mount. I drilled 2 15mm holes 60mm OC into a block of 1"X3" maple. this let me use the camera's own 1/4-20 mount to mount it onto my wood block. A simple set up that works great. So I hope you enjoy this ultra vintage look because after this, its wet plates !

Have a great new year.