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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Goodbye Analog

Analog is almost gone here.  I have had a set of real CRT based waveform and vectorscopes on my desk for the last year or so ever since we moved into the larger space. For grading its an accepted requirement to have scopes. I liked them but... they took up a large corner of my edit room desktop and reality was I was hardly using them. The scopes in software had been my primary scopes for some time and I hardly ever used the real ones. Then there was the potential issue of color space differences since the scopes where being fed SD composite downconverts from either my Matrox MXO2 Rack or BMD HD 3D Extreme. 

Deskspace won out ! a couple of days ago the scopes came out. If any one wants them - they work perfectly well - you can contact me to have them. They are tektronix models, the silver ones. They run forever it seems and I hated pulling them out... but the space was more important. 

Have no fear though, I plan to add a LED LCD monitor back using scopes from either BMD or ScopeBox. The ScopeBox software + any video hardware it can see it probably my choice since I can coble together all the parts from stuff I have sitting around like an old mac and spare video card I/O. Of course reality is I'll be feeding it SDI of some flavor which will make life easier. When we moved into the new space I have to say most of the old analog gear never got moved in or installed. I have a Beta SP deck in the rack with a component to SDI converter on it so I can patch everything via one wire rather than 3 video lines and 2 audio lines. This reduced the number of patch bays in half despite the fact we added 2 edit rooms into the mix for a total of 3. Sure everything that counts is patchable but we hardly move them around. I can't say the last time my JVC BR-HD50 VTR was powered up... except the when I wired it into the system ! Maybe the only SD deck that see some use is the Digibeta deck being used to capture all the old tapes that are sitting around. That has been a slow process but its getting done. 

So while analog audio will still live for quite some time I expect, analog video is just about over. Even a couple years back I often used HD component video because it was easy to work with, but even that has mostly faded for SDI and HDMI. Times change... I don't miss analog very much, but you did need to have some real skillz to make it work right which is mostly lost on a lot of folks.

Coming Up

I have a couple more video reviews in the works that just need some editing. Ya... I know... that cash paying work keeps getting in the way wink I also have a couple NEW Rokinon lenses showing up  that I'll also be taking a look at as soon as fedex drops them off. These are cine lenses which I expect will prove to be great glass... testing soon !