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Monday, January 14, 2013

Rokinon Cine 8mm and 14mm Are Here

Rokinon CIne 8mm and Cine 14mm

Just got a couple new toys in here last week. All for an up coming shoot where I think they will work really well for some of the B roll I need to shoot on this job. So I'll be doing a review on them soon once I've had enough hands on time and gotten some good samples together. I did do a review of the 14mm stills version of the lens a while ago and so far my quick test confirm its the same lens optically with the cine style gears added on.

I also got a few minor fixes and updates done on the site too like adding some missing reviews to the sidebar. The problem is once you do enough of them you start to loose track smiley ! Ok back to work for me right now.