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Friday, January 18, 2013

Setting Up Premiere Pro For 5.1 Sound

This topic came by my today on an online mail list. How do I set up Premiere Pro for 5.1 Surround Sound Mixing ? 

It takes about a minute to do :

1. Go to Premiere Pro  prefs ->audio hardware. Select your hardware I/O. This needs to be hardware at least 6 output channels. It could be 6 discreet analog outputs like my MXO2 Rack, SDI or AES. If its SDI then you'll probably need a couple of audio dembedders that can give you analog audio from the SDI stream.

2. Go to PP prefs ->audio output mapping. Select your hardware I/O device in the top drop down menu. You'll now see all the audio channels in the rightmost column showing 1-however many outs your device has. Right next to that will be a series of icons showing where each audio channel is being mapped to which 5.1 channel or stereo channel. You can drag the icons around to change if you need to

3. Last step : create a new TL. In the dialog that opens, go to the tracks tab and change Audio-> Master  to 5.1. Please note : if you go back to the presets tab you'll reset whatever you did on the settings and tracks tab. dopey... but once you have it setup you can save the preset and use that going forwards.

In the Tracks tab you can also setup the default audio tracks for your TL including a 5.1 track if you need it as well as submix tracks

FWIW PP supports mono, stereo, 5.1, and 16 track outputs 

the Surcode thing is only for AAC audio encoding on output.

Well thats it for now... as always more coming. Some new lens reviews are certainly in the works, and I'm trying to get out at least one video review I've got shot... just need the time !