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Monday, January 21, 2013

Vitec’s Litepanels Wins LED Patent Case Over Movie, TV Lighting

This is bad... really bad. I mean how stupid were the judge(s) in this case to ignore all the prior art that was ( surely ) presented ? Vote with your money and tell Vitec group you will no buy any products from any of its companies until they back off.  had better info than news week. Litepanels has made pretty crappy products for the price so I guess the only way they can try to make money given real competition in the marketplace is to license their bad patent. It may take years to invalidate their patent as it should be for simply being based on prior art.

Quote : " Of the fourteen (14) companies named in the complaint, all of the major manufacturers have taken the professional route and chosen to license its intellectual property to continue manufacturing LED lighting products for sale in the United States. The overwhelming adoption of licensing will ensure that the marketplace for LED lighting products remains as diverse, robust and competitive as ever. In fact, the licensing agreements now allow these companies to build on top of Litepanels’ technology to create even more innovative products going forward."

You can tell them what you think on their facebook page here. Wonder why they don't have any contact info on their website... don't most companies publish this so customers or perspective ones can contact them ? wonder why....

If that isn't a bunch of crap I don't know what is. I'm grabbing a couple more LED lites today while I still can.

I'm working on location this week using several LED lights actually. None are made by litepanels thankfully.