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Thursday, February 07, 2013

FCP XML Output From Resolve 9.1 is *Automatic*

Some times its the little things that matter in a big way. Case in point : I ran a job thru Resolve 9.1 and when I rendered it out there was a FCP XML file there as well ! This was something that I had asked them to add as a feature : export the  XML automatically as part of the render. Now glad its there as it saves a big side step in having the manually export a FCP XML after you render out a grade pass. It also means  you can now run several timelines in the render que together and have your XML waiting for you. You don't have to render, manually export XML, render, export XML anymore. So you can let resolve run at nite with multiple renders and bring the grades back into your NLE the next morning. Thanks BMD for such a great workflow enhancer.