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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

eF iRam. They have discontinued FB-DIMMs for Mac Towers

So I have gotten no where with iRam in honoring their warranty. Up on they have had these 2 FB-DIMMs (2gb) for $89. I figured I probably have to bite the bullet and buy another pair because it seems to be the only stuff out there. Well yesterday I found out that iRam has discontinued this product. None in stock. At this point I figure my chances of them making good on their warranty is officially zero rather than .0001%. Checking around, slower FB-DIMMS are still available, but the DDR 800 chips are gone on eBay yielded a USED pair today for $89 from another vendor. Any other chips are up over $100 and closer to $150. So these modules have suddenly become a limited and pricey item. I granted I don't expect a company to make a product for an older machine forever but this makes things hard. I have 6 other iRam 2gb modules in my machine. It may become a game of finding RAM that works to keep these machines alive and paying crazy prices for them. It suddenly means keeping these machines alive has gotten expensive.