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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Toshiba 3TB Drives - What is QA ?

I'm keeping my old Mac tower running. This week in anticipation of 2 projects coming in over the next couple of weeks I realized I needed to upgrade my storage. My Samsung 1tb and 1.5tb drives have been doing fine, but it was time because they all were pretty full. So I decided to get 3 3TB Toshiba drives from They showed up today and it wasn't good. One drive simply outright failed with the click of death. The next drive had major read / write problems very serisouly under performaing by 70% of what it should be doing. The third drive is the fastest bare drive I've ever seen for one that rotates - 170mb/sec read and write ! Now if I can get 2 more that work as well, stripe them as an array and be off and running.... I hope. Thats my story for today. Seems like QA in computer parts just isn't like it used to be. Here's to getting 2 replacements that work. The only upside is I did this with a couple weeks margin rather than last minute so I can deal with all of it. I will say did make the return painless, but I had to pay to ship back the defective drives. This is after paying for shipping to get them. Not right at all, but not much you can do to fight it and make it right.