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Monday, February 25, 2013

Life Of Nothing

I can't say Life of Pi is a movie I'd go see because I just don't buy it - but thats me and MY opinion. That said, what I very much do support is all the hardworking people handling the VFX work who are now Out Of Work. Rhythm & Hues filed for bankruptcy while the studio is posting record profits on a hit. This is beyond wrong. I've watched friends who owned medium size VFX houses go under and its wrong. Paying people livable wages and benefits has costs. Asking VFX houses to work down to margins that amount to costs is crazy while films go on to make huge money. Maybe what Hollywood needs is to have all the VFX houses go on a work stoppage. Oh wait, that won't work because they'll just ship the work to every corner of the globe. Realistically the studios need to come to grips with the fact that when hundreds of people work thousands of hours on your film... well dammit you have to pay them and the companies they work for money that lets everyone be get by ok. Its completely wrong to do otherwise. Oh... this is just another case of off shoring work to cheaper places without considering the costs at home.