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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Its Been A Long Week - for work and news

I'd like to have a picture from this week's job but can't... NDA / trade secrets. Well it was interesting just the same and I got to work with some great people that...well, never mind, they weren't here ! I guess of most interest was I had 3 GoPro's running at once for a couple of set ups and they worked great.

Meanwhile I've been watching the weeks postings from around the web. Maybe the most bizarre is the GoPro3 mod that takes said unit and mounts it into a new housing that can take C mount lenses. That all sounds cool until you look at what these guys did, going completely and totally overboard and making it a rental item only. Pointless, who cares. Really do I want to RENT a GoPro with C mount lens and remote follow focus ? No. Get real. I can appreciate the crazy work that went in to this... but really if you can't sell it for a couple hundred bucks who cares. Reality is I'll just use a dslr of some flavor instead... or a normal GoPro for the job. Lets stop and think about this... for $3k I can have  BMD cinema camera with somewhat bigger than 16mm sensor with EF or M4/3 mount and 2.5K. Real deal here. Instead take a 1/4" chip camera, take out the guts, make an aluminin housing for it, remount all the connectors, give it a C mount... and the make it cost more ? for less ? Wait there is more... you can have an LCD on the back AND wireless focus control for that rack focus from 5" to infinity shot... even though DoF is pretty much forever at  1 to 2 ft. anyway with a wide angle lense and nearly as much with something a bit longer.

So this earned a special nomination into the "stupid DSLR stuff" catagory this week taking its place next to the $64 1/8->XLR cable last featured.