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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Um, Thats Nice Canon, Where's The 70D ?


Ok the SL1 is cool... maybe. Its a true DSLR in the smallest body ever and a step up from a mirrorless camera. Same old 18MP sensor. Yawn. If the average DSLR body wasn't small enough, well here you go. It has a market for students, and those who want a real DSLR body in the smallest size. However sticking a nice big fast lens on front like a 14mm 2.8 or 35 1.4 might prove to be another experience, as in you just don't have enough grip on the body to be comfortable with this for extended shooting. However for doing party pix with a slower lens its just fine.


A minorly upgraded t4i becomes the t5i. Cool. I had a t3i for a while and upgraded to the 60D as soon as it came out. 

Video quality ? have the aliasing and moire problems been fixed ? Silence... probably not much. I'm very open to being proven wrong... PLEASE !

So where is the 70D ? that 7D and 60D replacement in between body ? with fixed video quality ? and reasonable price ? We're waiting !