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Monday, March 25, 2013

DeClicking a Nikon Iris Ring.. and other stuff

I've done my share of DIY projects. I've even done this one on canon FD and Topcon glass. The Nikon is simple because it doesn't involve fun stuff like figuring out a much more complicated iris control ring, lens mount and re-wiring a spring or two in the mechanism to make it work. The spring rewiring happens because the lens has automatic vs stop down mode and in the mods I've done it also remored a pin that some adapters may use to force the lens into manual mode.  I'll also note that this lens came apart pretty easily. I'm simply amazed at how much they torque these little screws in at the factory. Even still it looks like a fun project. Additionally some lenses use a small ball bearing between 2 rings with notches to do the same thing, remove the ball bearing and you are good to go.

I've otherwise been insanely busy with work and getting ready for NAB which looks to be like what it was about 1999 for attendance. 

Meanwhile if you remember last NAB I had a prototype ErgoCine Aaton Shoulder Cat mount. It was a huge conversation starter at NAB, had a lot of fun with it. Well a year of progress has seen it become even more refined. Check it out -