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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

DataColor Spyder3Elite Has Software Update To V4.0.7

DataColor as made a minor update to the software for its Spyder3 series products. When you download be sure to download the version for your model as the software is model specific. I'm also curious if anyone has tried the the Spyder4 and if its actually any better than the 3. Speak up !

UPDATE 1 : so far calibration on the laptop looks better and seems to actively be working. Before with 4.0.5 it seemed to have problems actually being applied.

UPDATE 2 : calibrating 2 different screens attached to my main edit system seemed better... sort of. The damned ASUS P248 10bit panel is still a bit red, the samsung I added a bit dark. Interesting note, seems like the now have the room light detector turned off as a default now. YA! because who works in a black room with no windows where 130nit is bright ? no one. Please give me flamethrower mode brightness :)

This release address the following

Spyder3Elite 4.0.7 Macintosh

What's Fixed in 4.0.7

issue on OS X 10.8 with multiple monitors of differing gamuts
particularly with wide-gamut monitors this may result in improper plot of monitor gamut
What's Fixed in 4.0.5

OS X 10.7 compatibility
all installers require authentication (i.e. user must enter username and password to install software). This fixes permission errors during installation that occur on some systems.